About Us

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Hubbub Digital Media is a full service digital marketing agency in New Hampshire. We work with companies of all sizes and in diverse verticals to identify the best digital marketing channels for growth and success in an ever changing digital landscape.

Being a group of highly creative and highly trained individuals and technologist who also love working together, we work hard to take care of a brands entire digital presence so you will always be seen and heard above the crowd!


Rie Beckett
President and Marketing Strategist

Rie has a bachelor’s degree in Marketing with a minor in Consumer Psychographics and has worked for several Fortune 500 companies in marketing and business development roles. She has a keen awareness and solid knowledge of what it takes to make a brand successful and a laser-like intuition when knowing how to grab the attention of a vertical’s target audience. When not increasing a company’s ROI, Rie enjoys skiing, hockey, and all the creative arts.

Conrad Esther
Web Developer and System Analyst

Rad has a bachelor’s degree in computer science with over 10 years of experience in SEO and web design for fortune 500 companies. He is Hubbub’s maestro of systems design and one of our SEO specialists. His greatest joy is designing and developing websites from scratch, programming back end functionalities, adding web features and improving over all user experience. When not working, Rad enjoys football, time with his son and fiancé.

Andrew Whelan

Andrew has an associates degree from Southern New Hampshire University. Andrew’s primary experience has been in the commercial and residential real estate market. He is adept at producing videos and photos that capture and captivate target markets. He is an expert at drone photography and videography as well as commercial videography. Andrew likes to spend most of his time doing photography and videography and creating content for various forums of media platforms.

Fred Raine
3D Rendering Artist

Fred has his degree in architecture and specializes in 3D Rendering, architectural detailing, exterior and interior rendering and animation. He loves to draw and take photographs during his free time. He uses his time to enhance his creative skills.

Cris Pena
Marketing Assistant

While her background is in nursing, Hubbub could not do without her. A virtuoso at people and organizational skills, she makes life easier and happier with her development and execution of strategies and marketing campaigns. In her free time she enjoys singing, cooking and trying new cuisine.

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