Guide To Helping Your Business With The Powerful Combination Of SEO and PPC

SEO and PPC are seen as two different and exclusive strategies by many website administrators. SEO focuses on keyword optimization, and PPC is a form of paid advertising. Both of these tools can be knockout tools increasing sales and driving traffic to your website when properly combined.

Since search engines like Google and Bing return results based on a user’s location, you can always rely on natural traffic to your website. By utilizing both SEO and PPC at the same time, you can increase your visibility and your placement on SERPs.

Sharing visibility

It’s no secret that you need to secure that first slot in SERPs with a well-developed SEO strategy. However, all of the results on that first listings page are a threat to your success. Dominating search results is based on a strong PPC campaign and an effective SEO strategy running at the same time. This means your business will have a wide visibility while stifling you competitors. But you can’t shift funds away from your PPC budget the moment your sales are lifting.

Defeating Bad PR

An unfortunate part of all businesses is negative reviews. Your company is always vulnerable to someone saying something negative about it. PPC and SEO can be used as effective tools to influence potential customers to putting their faith back in your business. You can alway run a PPC marketing campaign in a specific location, for example, that speaks about improving your services, or how you are driven to reduce customer dissatisfaction. If your company runs into trouble, having a limited time offer can correct customer perception.


When using and testing the best possible keywords, SEO and PPC by location work incredibly well together. While running these two campaigns you can still fine tune your list of keywords that convert the best. The PPC campaign will be of greater value and worth your investment when you use it with your SEO activities. Since PPC’s results are immediate your feedback from it is likewise quick. In this way, you are limiting the loss of your resources.

Higher click shares

The concept of dominating SERPs comes down to click shares. If a certain keywords results are owned by you, collecting double clicks for your website or business is more probable. Paid listings combined with organic search results are reported to receive 91% of all clicks in a single search according to Bing. To earn more, all you need to do is invest more.

Long-term and fast results

The inherent characteristics of SEO and PPC make it a strong combination. The immediate results of paid listings are only temporary. But, SEO with its lasting results can take weeks or months to show results. When combined, both will yield not just immediate results but long-lasting benefits.

Your strategy will be unbeatable when you combine SEO by location combined with PPC marketing. Just be sure your plan is informed about the algorithms of the latest search engines as you utilize your resources. As you overlap these strategies, your business will reap great rewards.
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